Quality Policy

The Management of IOMED establishes and disseminates this Quality Policy with the aim of consolidating and improving the Quality Management System at all levels of the organization.

This policy is established for the following purpose and context:

  • Activities for the design, development, marketing, promotion, administration, and management of infrastructures, tools, data consumption processes, and data production processes for the healthcare and health sector.
  • To this end, the following commitments are adopted, which support the Strategic Direction of the organization:
    • Ensure that processes maintain the focus to achieve the intended results, especially regarding Customer Satisfaction.
    • Reduce Non-Quality to minimum values to avoid risks and threats and to prevent and reduce unwanted effects.
    • Guarantee compliance with all applicable requirements, both those specified by the customer and the legal and regulatory ones, as well as those considered necessary.
    • Continuously improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the Quality Management System.

For all this, the Management of IOMED commits to making this Quality Policy available to all interested parties. Likewise, it will ensure its communication, understanding, and application within the same organization.