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IOMED develops AI-powered technology for healthcare data activation. Its Natural Language Processing system is capable of standardize both structured and unstructured healthcare data, adding value to healthcare organizations and leading the path to a global data-driven healthcare ecosystem.

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We unlock the potential of Healthcare data

Our Healthcare Data Activation technology leverages the power of Artificial Intelligence to unlock amounts of valuable data, enabling a comprehensive understanding of healthcare information. Thus, IOMED becomes the key ally for healthcare organizations to build a new data-driven healthcare ecosystem.

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Our Mission

At IOMED, we aim to lay the foundation for data-driven medicine and ensure that medical practice is based on evidence and real-world data. Our aspiration is to become catalysts for change and achieve more personalized and effective healthcare.  In this way, we work tirelessly to make medical information more accessible and valuable to the community.

Life at IOMED

Our values and principles

We strive to be open and honest in all our interactions. We communicate clearly and directly with our collaborators, clients, and partners, ensuring that we share relevant and truthful information.
We maintain unwavering loyalty to our clients, partners, and team members. We value long-term relationships and work to build strong bonds based on mutual trust and respect.
This drives us to maintain high standards of quality in our services. We seek precision and accuracy in the development of our technology, ensuring that our results are precise, reliable, and rigorous.
We are committed to making a positive impact in the field of health and biotechnology, being the key ally to build a data-driven healthcare ecosystem.
One step at a time

Our history

2014 - The idea

In 2014, Gabriel de Maeztu identified a crucial need while researching. He needed to improve efficiency data collection and patient recruitment.

2017 - IOMED was born

IOMED's founders embarked on the development and launching of an AI-technology to cover this gap in healthcare ecosystem.

2020 - Exponential growth

Initially deployed in hospitals in Barcelona, IOMED's success quickly drove its expansion nationwide.

2023 Internationalization

Shortly thereafter, the company experienced significant growth in less than six years, and now faces a new challenge: expand its technology through Europe.

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