Building a data-driven healthcare ecosystem

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Healthcare challenges
Scalability and Data Integration
Handling large volumes of data and merging information from multiple sources and formats,demands the right data infrastructure and resources.
Interpretation and Standardization
The complexity and sheer volume of data can make its interpretation and application in clinical practice challenging.
Data Quality
The variability and lack of standardization can impact the utility of Real-World Data.
Privacy and Security
The secure management of sensitive data is an ongoing challenge.
We bring order to data
thanks to AI

IOMED emerges as the key ally in this endeavor, playing a pivotal role in structuring Real World Data (RWD) to bring order to the wealth of information available, ensuring its readiness for utilization. By effectively structuring, normalizing, and guaranteeing accessibility, we empower healthcare players to harness data for the betterment of healthcare.

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Benefits for the entire healthcare ecosystem
Healthcare Organizations
Contract Research Organizations
Life Science Companies
Making the world's health data secure, accessible and usable
IOMED can structure and standardize 100% anonymous data, through a double anonymization process.
Data is stored within each hospital, ensuring that the data is as secure as before the arrival of IOMED.
IOMED complies with all GDPR regulations and has been validated by multiple Data Protection departments of Hospitals and Health Services.