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We are the key ally for healthcare oganizations to build a data-driven healthcare ecosystem.

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In today's hospital environment, the availability of activated and ready-to-use Real World Data (RWD) is paramount for addressing various needs. Our technology enables medical professionals to understand a wealth of information, analyze trends, and make data-driven decisions to enhance patient care and hospital outcomes. By leveraging the power of Artificial Intelligence, healthcare organizations can extract actionable data and become part of the healthcare ecosystem of the future.

We bring intelligence to healthcare data

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Data ready to be consumed thanks to AI

We build hospitals' health data space

Hospitals receive data infrastructure for free, while partners subscribe to access datasets, prioritizing privacy.

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100% GDPR Compliant
Free Deployment & Maintenance
New Research Opportunities
On-premise Storage
Data Governance
Robust Federated Network
Added value
Data depth
Information understanding
Our technology understands temporal nuances, negation, and complexities in clinical data, providing unique contextual depth for detailed and meaningful analyses.
Data Quality & Accuracy
Expert Annotators & Clinical Validation
We verify data by physicians and statistical tests, to validate the consistency and coherence of extracted data, guaranteeing data meets high standards, reliability and precision.
Faster Data availability
Federated Data Netowork
Significant time saving by leveraging our extensive data federated network,composed of hospitals which already have all its data structured and normalized.
Analytical efficiency
Standarized OHDSI tools
IOMED adopts the European standard OMOP CDM, to enhance data interoperability, and facilitating to leverage OHDSI's extensive tools for enhanced analytical efficiency.
Committed to data privacy & security
IOMED can structure and standardize100% anonymous data, through adouble anonymization process.
Data is stored within each hospital,ensuring that the data is as secure asbefore the arrival of IOMED.
IOMED complies with all GDPRregulations and has been validated bymultiple Data Protection departments ofHospitals and Health Services.

Protected data.
Empowered healthcare.

We strictly adhere to the principles and regulations set forth by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Our stringent compliance measures ensure that individual rights and data security are upheld at every step. We are committed to maintain the highest ethical standards while facilitating healthcare players leverage the power of data to drive meaningful healthcare insights.

Data Solutions

Data ready to be consumed thanks to AI.

Patient Finder
Data Solution for Patient Identification for innovative therapies
Patient Characterization
Data Solution for Retrospective Observational Studies