Over 10 hospitals and regional health services underwent training with IOMED in the standardization model of health data OMOP-CDM

The Artificial Intelligence company IOMED has launched several training sessions in healthcare centres such as the Hospital Universitario Fundación Alcorcón (Madrid) and the Hospital de Sant Pau (Barcelona).

More than 10 hospitals and several regional health services have already been trained in the OMOP-CDM health data standardization model thanks to the technical sessions organized by IOMED, leader in Artificial Intelligence applied to health data.

Gabriel Maeztu, CTO and Co-Founder of IOMED, summarises the aim of these presentations: "The purpose of the OMOP Common Data Model is to have a standard model for observational databases of hospitals and clinical practices for persistence and future exploitation in secondary uses. Thanks to this common model and the ability of OMOP CDM to work with different ontologies, it will be possible to systematically analyse databases from different sources".

Along with Maeztu, Dr. Miguel Ángel Mayer and Ángela Leis from Hospital del Mar gave the training session, explaining how the Catalan hospital is already working with this methodology to make the most of the potential of clinical data. Alberto Labarga, head of the BSC Health Data Unit, also took part in the first training session.

The last session was held at the Hospital Universitario Fundación Alcorcón (Madrid). It was attended by representatives from the Alcorcón hospital itself, as well as from the Hospital Universitario de la Princesa; Hospital 12 de Octubre; Clínica Universidad de Navarra; Consorci Sanitari Integral; Fundación Althaia; Servicio Cántabro de Salud; Servicio Extremeño de Salud; and Hospitales Sanitas.

The first phase of this training took place in Barcelona and was attended by staff from the following healthcare centres: Hospital Sant Joan de Déu Barcelona; Fundació Puigvert; Hospital del Mar; Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau; Consorci Sanitari Integral and Hospital Universitario Son Espases.