IOMED takes innovative AI technology to University of Mondragon students

We take a further step in our commitment to medicine with the aim of creating a community around the potential of technology to improve research.

IOMED made strides in its mission to enhance clinical research by introducing its advanced AI technology to the Master's students in Biomedical Technologies at the University of Mondragon. The event, held at our offices, showcased our commitment to leveraging artificial intelligence to activate health data, thereby improving clinical research and population health outcomes.

The students experienced firsthand how IOMED employs natural language processing (NLP) to manage data effectively during their visit. This practical demonstration provided insights into integrating AI within biomedical fields, emphasizing hands-on learning.

Our Healthcare Data Activation technology utilizes AI to structure both structured and unstructured health data from hospital sources. By incorporating our sophisticated NLP system, we are able to process and understand narratives and notes written by healthcare professionals. Importantly, all data remains securely within hospital networks, standardized into the OMOP Common Data Model through our Federated Data Model. This approach not only ensures data security and protection but also fosters a comprehensive understanding of healthcare information across various institutions.