IOMED presents its technology for health data activation to researchers at the Hospital Universitario Fundación Alcorcón

Artificial Intelligence enables the acceleration of patient recruitment processes and the reduction of research timelines.

IOMED has presented its technology, based on artificial intelligence for health data activation, to leading researchers at the University Hospital Fundación Alcorcón, during a training session held at the same center.

Thanks to IOMED's technology and the use of the OMOP CDM standard, it is possible to structure, normalize, and thus unlock the potential of data for secondary uses such as clinical research, addressing the challenges faced by researchers in data collection. "At IOMED, we transform free-text clinical notes into structured information, and all data is standardized to the common OMOP data model," explains Gabriel de Maeztu, co-founder of IOMED.

This is cutting-edge technology that allows the identification of concepts throughout the hospital universe, finding suitable patients for the study who may not have been manually identified.

In a recent dermatological study where IOMED participated as a data activator, the estimated identification of potential patients was 17,000, and thanks to IOMED, this figure multiplied to reach 62,340.

Furthermore, in addition to the identified population increase for the study, IOMED managed to reduce the data collection time from 21 weeks per hospital to 6 weeks per hospital.

Thus, thanks to the efficient and rapid identification of relevant variables from millions of data points meeting the study criteria, IOMED facilitates the recruitment process of eligible patients for the study.